About GoFlow

The Management

Ian Teo, Director

Ian brings with him almost three decades of banking and entrepreneurial experience to GoFlow. Having worked across Asia, the breadth and depth of his enterprise knowledge has made him an invaluable partner to many start-ups and SMEs.

Ong Tze Boon, Founder

In 2012, after realising the importance of health and wellness in one’s life, Tze Boon established the ONG Foundation to champion initiatives in the areas of Education, Health and the Arts. Additionally, he is also the Group Executive Chairman of ONG&ONG.

We believe the access to clean, drinkable water should be a basic human right.

Mounted on a freestanding frame, the dual filtration cylinders on the GoFlow channel an inflow of untreated water at a predetermined pressure. The membrane of the ultra-filtration fibers within the cylinders utilises its microporosity to filter away suspended solids and microbes, producing an outflow of drinkable water.

GoFlow can provide potable water all over the world, to places lacking treatment facilities, giving small businesses opportunities to thrive with our replacement parts. Here at GoFlow, we work towards a brighter future for communities, where drinkable water will no longer be a scarcity.