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GoFlow is a lightweight device that can be easily deployed with a bicycle to supply a stream of fresh, clean water. It requires no electricity and can produce up to 4,000 litres of fresh water a day.

GoFlow utilises the power of the pedal to transform a fresh water body, into unlimited benefits of clean, potable water for the world.

Useful in
Every Situation

Empowering rural communities with basic water needs

Disaster and refugee relief

Charitable initiatives to impoverished regions

Supporting schools and clinics without a stable supply of potable water

Military and peacekeeping missions

Supporting wilderness adventure and exploration

Opening opportunities for social enterprise


In Cambodia, GoFlow is slowly but surely making a difference to those living in Kampong Preah. The villagers living in this remote settlement use the device to get clean water from a river.

In Uganda, GoFlow was provided to two orphanages, Vumbula Youth Home and Heavenly Blessings.

Pure, drinkable and usable water anywhere.


We believe that access to clean, drinkable water is a basic human right.

Here at GoFlow, we work towards a brighter future for communities, where drinkable water will no longer be a scarcity.

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Powered by the pedal, transforming water for the world.

Think of the bigger picture.

GoFlow as a platform to help communities lacking water treatment.

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